EAN APIs – WSDL and WADL Unsupported


EAN API integrations must be based only on the documentation and information provided on dev.ean.com and this knowledge base. Any WSDL and WADL files describing EAN APIs are not supported under any circumstance.



EAN previously offered a SOAP version of the V3 Hotels API. The SOAP V3 API was decommissioned November 30, 2015.

It is no longer possible to integrate the EAN V3 API via SOAP. The WSDL and SOAP-based integrations are  no longer supported, without exceptions.

If you need to update an old SOAP integration for a new launch, please follow our SOAP to REST Upgrade Guide.



There is no official WADL for the V3 Hotels API. EAN offers no support for any versions of a V3 API WADL that may be discovered or obtained.

Our primary API documentation on dev.ean.com and supplementary information provided on this knowledge base are the only official references for the V3 API.

The WADL that is hosted via http://api.ean.com/ean-services/rs/hotel/v3?_wadl is an automatically-generated file that is not accurate, not supported and cannot be used for a functional V3 integration.

In addition to multiple inaccuracies, there are required processes and procedures for multiple API calls and individual parameters that simply cannot be detailed in a WADL. This is why EAN's online documentation is the sole official reference for V3 API integrations.


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