Load Testing applications that use the EAN API


At some point in time, you may be required to perform load testing against an application that uses the EAN API. If you have reached this page before this load testing begins, thank you for thinking of us!

Two Kind Requests From EAN

  • Please do not make room availability requests that include the roomTypeCode and rateCode.
  • Please give us 2 weeks notice before load testing so that we can collaborate with each other to ensure a smooth test and no service interruptions for our other partners.

Before Load Testing

  • Please send an email to support@ean.com with the following information:
    • When will you start and stop your load test (date, time and timezone please)?
    • Please provide a sample of each API requests you will be making or describe the EAN API requests that will be made during your load testing.
    • How many requests will you send per minute of each type of API call?
    • If you "ramp up" the volume of your requests during the duration of your load
      testing, please describe the rate at which you will do this. (for example: 10 list calls per minute for 10 minutes, followed by 20 list calls per minute for 20 minutes)
    • Please list the CIDs and api keys you will be using in these load tests.


Our support agents will then send a notice to our Network Operations team so we can let you know what to expect from the EAN API before your tests begin.

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    Yosuke Sato

    Japanese translated version:


    EAN APIを使用した負荷テストについて


    システム運用に当たって、EAN APIを利用した負荷テストを行う際には、実施前に本ページを参照ください。




    - 負荷テストの開始日時と終了日時
    - 負荷テストで送信されるサンプルAPIリクエスト(リクエスト種類ごと)
    - 各タイプのAPIが1分間に送信される回数
    - 負荷テストの途中でリクエストボリュームを増やす場合の割合(例: 10 ホテルリスト/分を10分間、その後、20 ホテルリスト/分を20分間)
    - 負荷テストで利用するCIDとapi key


    上記の情報をもとに、弊社のサポートチームがネットワーク管理チームにテスト実施を通知し、テスト開始前にEAN APIでどのようなことが想定されるかをお知らせすることができます。

    Edited by Yosuke Sato