Where are the stats for API partners?

Affiliate Sales stats are the same as for template partners and found in the Affiliate Center by logging into your account stats.

  • Note that any sales made today will appear in your account stats tomorrow.
  • User stats, look-to-book, page views, etc will not be in our system at all since the you are serving all your own pages from your own server. You should be logging and tracking all your own site activity on your server since you are managing your own user interface.

There is an option for retrieving live stats for  partners using the API. 

  • Utilize the itinerary request to retrieve a list of itineraries by using a range of dates for either booking dates or itinerary creation dates.
  • Since itineraries are in the sytem in realtime, they can be retrieved and used in your own reservation tracking and customer service applications for up to the minute booking stats. 
  • The Affiliate Center Stats load into the system each night and are not available until the next day through that interface.
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