Should I create child CID numbers so I know the origin of my bookings?

Creating child CID numbers will help differentiate the source of bookings, but it is not a scalable option when using more than 3 or 4 child CID numbers.

If you have many sources for your bookings it would be a much more scalable option to use the additionalData tracking method.

Scalability issues:

  • When a child CID is created, API access does not “trickle down” to the child CID numbers.
  • Child CID numbers cannot be removed after creation
  • When an IP update is necessary, the IP address will need to be updated on all CID numbers by EAN.                        
    • With the additionalData tracking method there is no need to authorize access on many child CID numbers.
    • With the additionalData tracking method, you can add a new booking source without any interaction from EAN.
    • With the additionalData tracking method, the IP will only need to be updated on one CID.
  • Instructions: Track Booking in your Affiliate Stats
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