Operational Support Procedures for System Outages

Unplanned Outages

Thanks to our built-in redundancy, system problems that create an unexpected outage are rare, but they do sometimes occur. If an extended outage occurs during normal business hours, affiliate managers will attempt to contact EAN API affiliates advising of theproblem . Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will be notified. On most occasions, problems are resolved before our affiliate account managers are able to contact our API affiliates.

In the event you suspect an unplanned outage is occurring, you can submit a case. Including your CID and a detailed explanation of the issue (with screen shots when possible) will expedite our response time. Otherwise, we do have technical teams who monitor for system alarms 24/7 to immediately begin repairing any issues as they are detected.

Planned Outages

System-wide maintenance is periodically necessary and planned outages may occasionally be required. When scheduled maintenance does require our systems to be offline, API affiliates are notified by email within 24 hours or more of the EAN API department receiving notification from the operations center.

Each contact on our API affiliate list is emailed an announcement of this event. Therefore, it is imperative that each API affiliate keep their contact email up-to-date with the EAN API Department. Otherwise you may not receive these critical notices.

Planned outages are also posted in the Affiliate Center as soon as they are scheduled.

Customer Service

Whenever customer service is needed on any of your bookings, your customers should reply to their confirmation emails. These replies will be routed to our customer care agents. The itinerary must remain in the subject line to be properly routed and handled in a timely manner by our global service centers.

In addition, customers may contact the phone number that appears on your Private Label template pages. When calling this number, the customer is prompted to select between a new reservation or an existing reservation. To confirm phone numbers associated with your account, simply update the CID in this hotel template URL to your own CID: http://www.travelnow.com/hotels/index.jsp?cid=40
Your site's phone numbers appear in the upper right corner of the page.

You can also employ our dedicated, standalone Customer Support website for support of EAN Hotel bookings. The site features fast, 24x7 global access to a knowledge base of useful help articles for common hotel search and booking issues.

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