What is the "Approval to Launch" site review?

You have completed the API, included all items listed in the mandatory Launch Requirements and requested a site review.

The API Team reviews the site against our mandatory requirements checklist. The review ensures the website :

  • Is legally compliant
  • Contains all required items
  • Shows correct pricing and text
  • Follows best practices
  • Submits a successful test booking.

We cannot certify your code since we have no way to know exactly how you are processing your requests, writing your scripts, or the accuracy of your application   or programming.

We can verify that the test booking has processed a STATIC booking as expected and generates a valid itinerary record. This verifies the test has interacted   with our system successfully. Note that static/test bookings do not interact with the live inventory or the payment processing center. They generate an itinerary record   in our customer care database only .

  • You are still responsible for correcting any bugs that may later be revealed in live bookings when errors in code create booking issues, per your affiliate contract.
  • Test bookings may reveal errors in your reservation request structure, but not the entirety of your live code. A launch approval is not a guarantee your site is completely free of any bugs or customer experience issues.
  • When an affiliate attempts to circumvent steps, ignores outline content, or omits proper logic, customer service and booking issues always arise.
  • Affiliates must read the documenation in order to become familiar with the details of the outline elements and any inherent behaviour of the system.
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