How do I build local database content?

Start with downloading the appropriate database files found in the Database Catalogs. Start a program to collect rich destination or hotel content of your own to supplement the content received from our system.  Collect reviews and comments from your own customers.  Any content you evolve on your own will make your site that much more attractive to both users and search engines.

  • As users request content on your site (hotel info or dateless search pages), store additional static information from your API results, such as the expanded list of amenities,  for that property.
  • Be sure to keep your local database current by downloading and updating for current active properties. Periodically check existing fields in your database against new results and update any new content.
  • You'll want new properties added to the system to be included in your local resources, but any INACTIVE properties used in your pages will frustrate and drive away your users. Make sure to implement processes to remove inactive properties at the same time you update your local database of active properties.

* Database Tutorial

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