Locating detailed pet policies


This guide describes how to retrieve detailed per-hotel pet policies using our relational database files. Number of pets allowed, weight limits, types of pets, and specific exemptions for service dogs can be found for thousands of EAN properties.


These instructions require the use of the ActivePropertyList, PropertyAttributeLink, and AttributeList relational database files. You can find these files on the Property Data and Amenity & Policy Data pages of our database catalog, respectively.

The ActivePropertyList file includes all pre-pay and post-pay property types available in the API. All properties have various attributes associated with them; these attributes are used to provide additional information beyond the primary table records.In this case, we will isolate the attributes used to describe pet policies.

Within the AttributeList file, there is a column called SubType. Use the following SQL query to find all attributes related to pets:

select * from attributelist where SubType="Pets";

This query should return results similar to this selection:

Type SubType AttributeID AttributeDesc

Policy Pets 51        Pets allowed

Policy Pets 2050 Pets not allowed

Policy Pets 2644 Pet maximum weight in kg is

Policy Pets 2646 Pet maximum weight in lb is


These values must be joined against a specific hotel or location to be useful to customers. To retrieve available values for these attributes for a given hotel or city, the PropertyAttributeLink table is used in conjunction with the AttributeList file. Use the following query format:

SELECT activepropertylist.EANHotelID,activepropertylist.Name,propertyattributelink.AttributeID,

       attributelist.Type,attributelist.SubType,attributelist.AttributeDesc,propertyattributelink.AppendTxt as Value

FROM activepropertylist

JOIN propertyattributelink

ON activepropertylist.EANHotelID = propertyattributelink.EANHotelID 

JOIN attributelist

ON propertyattributelink.AttributeID = attributelist.AttributeID

WHERE  activepropertylist.City="Los Angeles" and activepropertylist.StateProvince="CA" 

and activepropertylist.Country="US" and attributelist.SubType="Pets" ORDER BY EANHotelID;


Example response:

EANHotelID Name

AttributeID Type SubType AttributeDesc Value

105304 Hyatt Regency Century Plaza 2646

Policy Pets

Pet maximum weight in lb is


105304 Hyatt Regency Century Plaza 51

Policy Pets

Pets allowed

105342 The Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites 2646

Policy Pets

Pet maximum weight in lb is


105342 The Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites 51

Policy Pets

Pets allowed

105342 The Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites 2809

Policy Pets

Pet policy - dogs only

105386 Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills 2050

Policy Pets

Pets not allowed


This information cannot be obtained with the API – the level of detail shown here is only available when using these static database files.  Filtering results must be done outside of the API in your own software, with eligible hotels being passed back as a list of hotelIDs in a new getList request.

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