Notice of Outdated Content

If you received a message stating that we have identified outdated content on your EAN partner site, it indicates that the hotel property has reached out to us in good faith to ask you to update the incorrect content. It is imperative to our relationship with our hoteliers that the content on your site is consistent with their most updated information. The content on your site may be outdated when you have downloaded our static hotel content and have not updated it regularly. We suggest that you update your hotel content at least every week to avoid these circumstances. For any dispute, the hotel inventory provider reserves the right to restrict your access to their inventory.

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    Bobby Bates


    Apologies for the delays in responding. I have received confirmation from our content team that this hotel has had its content updated.

    Kind Regards

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    Laura Cantos

    Hi Bobby,

    Dennis Rains wrote that "Content Outdated: Other -- please check room mapping (superior double vs double)". At the moment we receive availability and rates for double and double superior, please, let us know if it is correct or what we need to update. Thank you very much for your help


    Laura Cantos