Why does my search result have a different list of properties than Expedia.com, Hotels.com or Travelnow.com?

It isn't possible to effectively compare EAN results to Expedia.com, Hotels.com or Travelnow.com



  • Expedia.com uses a completely different program and algorithm to access properties from their own database, and therefore we will not always see the exact same result as on their site.  In addition, there are properties which are not available to any outside sources and will not be seen in your results. You cannot expect to perfectly match all results to Expedia result pages. Any discrepancies in data or content simply means the updates/changes haven't yet reached our data cache.


  • Hotels.com is its own brand and company, even though it uses the Expedia database of properties.  It has implemented a completely different set of business requirements and has a different default platform behavior.  


  • Travelnow.com is the platform used for Hotels.com® for Partners . Results returned at Travelnow.com are not expected to be mirrored through the EAN API as Travelnow.com has a different set of business requirements. 
  • home page search box searches with city/state/country, number of rooms, number of adults, and date only.      
  • If you use any other parameters in searching than those above, it will alter or narrow your own list.
  • If you use any other sorting than the default order of the list, your result will vary.
  • The default result order is the most preferred. It returns the top selling or preferred properties in the city and the best values.
  • Years of research and marketing data has been collected to return the best order of properties to ensure the best sales.
  •  You will be able to increase your look-to-book ratio if you display the default order of your list and allow your customer to re-sort the order to their preference if they so choose.
  • All the same properties from a single database are returned regardless of the requesting source.
  • The list returned is based on those parameters submitted. The basic search parameters are recommended to return the best initial list for your visitor to peruse and then change based on his preferences. The more filters or search parameters are added to the request, the fewer properties may be returned.


* More about using the getList search request.

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