Where are the hotel phone numbers?

  1. Our customer care agents modify the booking if necessary and also perform manual cancellations as required.
  3. The hotel staff CANNOT modify a booking in our system.
  5. Our customer service agents handle ALL questions including questions about the hotel and the surrounding area.
  7. The hotel staff WILL try to talk your customer into cancelling with us and rebooking with them directly so they don’t have to pay a commission on the booking.
  9. The front desk and hotel staff will NOT have a record of your customers arrival until 48 hours prior to arrival. They will inform your customer they have no record of  their booking and continue to re-sell the reservation directly with the user over the phone.

Best practice warrants that no hotel phone numbers are used with your customers or on your site in order to protect your commissions on all sales that originated from your site.

Only customer service agents should make direct contact with the properties. We realize that any customer can locate a hotel phone number by performing their own research,   however we feel it's best not to invite them to circumvent the sale directly. We advise that you provide your site phone number or an EAN customer care number instead. In this way, we have a greater   ability to keep all sales made within our systems.


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