How do I retrieve hotel specials and promotions?

  • The database does not have a flag where we can specifically call a list of hotel specials.
  • Therefore, there is not a way to make an API request just to get a general list of hotel specials and promotions.
  • If a property is running a special promotion, it is returned in the pricing data of your API response.

Take advantage of the "promo sort" method in API requests to filter specials to the top of your list

Last Minute Specials in Choice Destinations

  • Since using the promo sort method  is based on the dates submitted in the request, any date used within a 1-5 day advance search can return listings that might be advertised to indicate "Last Minute Specials".           
    • Select up to 5 choice destinations to feature on your site. These destinations should be the 5 most searched and booked destinations on your site as determined by your user statistics and sales logs.
    • Run a request for each of your advertised destinations using dates for the upcoming weekend.
    • Capture the API data on the first 5-10 best value deals returned which also include promo rates in the results.
    • Store this part of the API result to feed into special sections of your site.
    • On user searches or landing pages for these destinations, display a secondary search that offers alternative best rate choices to this list as well.
    • Whenever displaying rates, be sure to include the dates where the special rates apply from the search.

    Example: Try filtering the result using minStarRating=4 to find "Luxury Last Minute Specials" for romantic getaways!

  • When adding any other filters to the list, you may need to test several results to get the best requests returning the top 5-10 results for your desired merchandising campaign.
  • Here's an example selection of some of the top converting properties  that could be used in merchandising from the above process. Any of the data copied below from that result  lends itself to excellent merchandising copy:           
    hotel Id name property Rating promo Description room Description Promo native Currency Code Promo native Nightly Rate Value Add
    126913 The New Yorker Hotel 3.5  Stay 1 Nights and Save 15% on Your Stay!  Metro Room-1 Queen-Renovated Qn  USD  245.65, 271.15 Free Wireless Internet
    220355 Adria Hotel And Conference Ctr 3.0  Spring Sale! Save 20%  Deluxe 2 Double beds Non Smoking  USD  102.40, 105.60   Free Wireless Internet, Full Breakfast, Free Parking
    237256 Hotel Alexander 2.0  Sale! Save 25% on this Stay.  Shared Bath, 1 Double Bed  USD  149.25, 134.25  
    114218 The Helmsley Park Lane 3.5  Sale! Save 10% on this Stay.  Deluxe Park View-2 Double Beds  USD  405.00, 405.00  
    109730 Radisson Lexington Hotel New York 3.0  Best Price  Petite Room-Non Refundable  USD  219.00, 279.00  
    266457 Windsor Hotel 2.0  Spring Special  Double deluxe 3  USD  168.48, 212.50  
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