How do I use landmarks in my site?

Create a list of landmarks for the destination searched and populate a drop down box of possible landmarks where hotels can be searched nearby.

  • The user selects a landmark from this drop down list
  • The site then does another city availability request using the destination ID for that landmark along with sortMethod=7 to ensure that the results are     sorted by distance from that landmark

To obtain a list of landmarks:

  • Download the Landmarks database file from the Database Catalog to populate this list from your own database

Another use of landmarks is the creation of landing pages that highlight key details about each landmark witha search box allowing the user to submit a request for availability   near that location. This method creates unique content, which is very important for SEO traffic.

Keep in mind that the more logical options you give users to control and organize their own search results, the more quickly they will convert to a sale. These conversions   typically take place within the first or second pages once the results are within the parameters the user is seeking.

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