How do I search for board type,. i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner?

There isn't a comprehensive method to specifically search for board type since this isn't flagged in the database as a standardized searchable parameter.

All meal info is part of the amenities list of the hotel information request or found within the "Value Adds" node as a special value included with a room rate on a city   or room availability search.

  • Both these data values are non standardized, free text entries made directly by the property into the global systems.
  • Download the AttributeList and PropertyAttributeLink database files from the Amenity & Policy Data section and use them to find all logical matches to applicable board types.
  • If the entry is such that we cannot anticipate the match, it may not be included in those instances, but may still be found in the comprehensive amenities lists on the     hotel information result exactly as it was entered by the property.

Value Adds are not a searchable option since these are returned as additional information in the city or room availability results to indicate special   values included in the individual room rate or additional values to a promotional rate. Many times meal offerings may be entered into these fields.

  • To take advantage of Value Adds, use the sort method for a promo sort of the city availability request
  • This will filter properties with a promotional rate OR a Value Add to the top of the city availability result list.
  • It does not filter out properties without a special, it only returns specials or value adds first in the list of available properties for that search.
  • The promo sort will also include any properties indicating a Value Add to the top of the list regardless of whether that property also includes a promotional or special     rate.

All Inclusive in some cases may be entered as part of the property name. This can be the case particularly with special resort locations where all meals   or drinks are part of the room rate.

  • Submit a city availability request using "all inclusive" as the propertyName to filter for any possible matches.
  • If any property includes the word "all" and/or "inclusive" in its database name, these listings will be returned.
  • If no properties at that location include either term in the name as it was entered into the database, no matches are returned.

Filter the list of active properties in the destination by using propertyCategory in a dateless search method.

  • Property category can be used to return a list of active properties defined as Resort or All Inclusive listings.
  • Note that a dateless search only returns a list of active properties in a destination without regard to availability.
  • City or room availability requests for that property will not return results if no availability exists for the dates requested.

More resources for using hotel & room amenities:

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