Why isn't a specific hotel I'm looking for not returned?

City availability results are based on available inventory with active hotels in the system that fit the search criteria.

  • A property that is no longer active in the system will not be returned.
  • A property that does not fit the search or have available inventory for the dates and parameters submitted will not be returned.

Any Expedia Collect listings returned are available for booking at the time of the search. Note that availability can change from the time of the search to the point of booking if submission is not made during the length of the session. This varies depending on server activity and is typically 15-30 minutes.

  1. Determine that the property is still active in the system by downloading a fresh database file (hotels or condos) or by using the Get All Hotels Request to locate that property.
  2. Evaluate the dates, number of rooms, number of adults/children and any additional search filters applied.
  3. Remove any filters that might eliminate the property from the results such as star rating.
  4. Change the number of rooms being requested.
  5. If the property is not returned, there is no inventory available to book from any of the data systems.

Change the dates of the search to locate other availability.

More on using hotel data locally:

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