How do I mask image URLs?

Mask to your own subdomain by setting up a CNAME on your domain's DNS records to point to the hostname ''. Do not use the IP address(es) for ''.

The image URLs are returned with Since these images are served through Akamai and are from various sources dependent on the visitor's IP address, you will not be able to mask by pointing your DNS to our IP for these URLs as they vary.

  • Do not point to an Expedia IP address. Only use a CNAME pointing to
  • Setting up an A record is not a reliable option. All images will break if are not served by Akamai with the same IP you use.
  • To serve the image from a secure URL, use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • The hotel images file available from the Database Catalogs provides up to 1.5 million URLs at any time for all properties storing images in the Akamai system. It is not recommended or advised to store all files in advance on your own system since properties change and update images frequently.
  • You will be responsible for any customer issues arising from displaying outdated or saved image files on your own pages.
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