What do I need to know about displaying the properly stated pricing text?

Pricing Display and Text Requirements on Expedia Collect Hotel Rates

All affiliates must include the exact phrase“Tax Recovery Charges and Service Fees” in the price breakdown of the total price of the Expedia Collect reservation in their final booking page, confirmation page and in any additional confirmation emails sent to the customer.

What are Tax Recovery Charges and Service Fees?

When we collect charges from a user for a prepaid reservation, we are recovering the taxes and fees that will be charged to us by the property. We do not charge taxes or fees on the reservation but are simply reimbursed (recovering those charges) from the user's prepaid funds for those taxes and fees that will be collected by the property.  Therefore, it is CRITICAL that affiliates display the correct legal text on prepaid Expedia Collect reservations.

  1. A tax total is returned in the hotel platforms to give you the total of all  taxs and fees on Expedia Collect Properties.
  2. A room total is returned in the hotel platforms to give you the total price to be charged at the time of booking for all prepaid Expedia Collect reservations and includes all "Tax Recovery Charges and Service Fees." 
  3. Nightly rates includes each nightly rate of the dates selected in the currency selected and do not include any tax or fee amounts.  These are purely the nightly room rates for each date in the request.

Required display or price breakdown includes:

  • Individual native room nights (and/or total of all nightly rates)
  • Tax recovery and service fees from the total chargeable fees
  • Total price from the total room rate

nativeNightlyRate + nativeNightlyRate + tax/fees total  = total booking amount

Example of required display on a prepaid Expedia Collect booking selection: Room and Rate/Night (excluding tax recovery charges and service fees) Std King/Queen 1-2pp 06 Jan 07 $79.00 (USD) 07 Jan 07 $79.00 (USD) Tax Recovery Charges and Service Fees: $29.00 (USD) Total: $187.00 (USD) (includes tax recovery charges and service fees)

All wording referring to "taxes or fees" on a Expedia Collect property is required to state exactly as worded: "Tax Recovery Charges and Service Fees" with no exceptions.

Any affiliate who disregards this wording or uses their own wording on Expedia Collect listings, is in breach of contract and is not protected against any issues, legalities or   financial liabilities that may arise.

Review the Mandatory Site Requirements which includes guidelines for price display.

For the exact translation to any other language simply navigate the travel.ian.com website to the booking page using the desired language. The price breakdown on that page will   assist you with any proper translations of the expected tax text.  It will also give you an expected example of required pricing displays.

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