How do I create a CNAME? Are CNAMES supported?

Please see this page for instructions on creating a CNAME:

 Once you create your CNAME DNS record, you need to tell EAN your CNAME using this path:

  1. Log into the Chameleon control panel by going to > log in > Control panel > Account
  2. In the “Define URL masking” section, enter your CNAME. For instance, if you create a CNAME called, you would enter your CNAME like this:cnameExample.png
  3. Click the add button
  4. Save and publish using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

 Now you can create a Chameleon widget which would by default  use your CNAME instead of

 If you use our API, you can also now replace the domain used in the value of <deepLink> to use your CNAME.

Please note that secure pages, such as booking and itinerary retrieval, cannot be masked.

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