Additional Image Sizes Available

In the API, we expose three image sizes. Here are examples taken from our HotelInfo API response:

Those three image URLs are exactly the same other than the last part of the file name:
1. The thumbnail ends with _t.jpg

2. The full size image ends with _b.jpg

3. The high resolution image ends with _z.jpg.

Here is the same URL with the other codes listed below:

Just a heads up though, we do have guaranteed image coverage and availability for the _b (big image) across all our hotels, but it is possible for the same image to not be available for the additional codes we offer. Check out the example below. The image that ends in _b is available, but the _z is not available. In these cases, if you want to make the photo team aware of the discrepancy, please write to

image_type Prefix Name Code width height type
Still Image None Big _b 350 350 Variable
Still Image None Landscape _l 255 144 Fixed
Still Image None Small _s 200 200 Variable
Still Image None thumb _t 70 70 Fixed
Still Image None 90X90f _n 90 90 Fixed
Still Image None 140X140f _g 140 140 Fixed
Still Image None 160x90f _e 160 90 Fixed
Still Image None 180x180f _d 180 180 Fixed
Still Image None 500X500v _y 500 500 Variable
Still Image None 1000X1000v _z 1000 1000 Variable
Still Image None 2000x2000 _w 2000 2000 Variable


More resources for image information:


1. Variable derivatives are sized down to a specific pixel dimension on the image's longest side, while the shorter side is sized down proportionately.

2. Fixed derivatives are cropped to a specific pixel height and width from the center of the original image.

3. It should be noted, the 500x500, 1000x1000 and 2000x2000 variable derivatives are conditional and only generated if we have an original image that meets the minimum criteria. Images that are at least 1800 pixels on the longest side will have a "w" derivative generated. Image that are at least 850 pixels on the longest side will have a "z" derivative generated. Images that are at least 450 pixels on the longest side will have a "y" derivative created.

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