Can I make a hotel reservation directly from the Hotel Availability Response without asking for rooms first?

The data source will NOT allow booking directly from the room returned in the hotel availability list. A room availability response is required prior to placing a reservation request.

  • Actual availability for the individual property must be called in order for the user to select the proper room type for their traveling party.
  • Specific data for booking is NOT available without placing a room availability request, which also includes the rateKey and the cancellation policy.

To book directly from the hotel availability list, additional processing is required.

  1. You must place the room availability request in the background
  2. Then match the room type in both results
  3. Upon evaluating that all rates are the same, you are required to display all required items on the booking page as listed in the Mandatory Launch Requirements
  4. If any rates or availability have changed from the hotel list to the room availability list, you must message these changes to the user with the options to accept the change and continue,  select another room, or select another property
  5. Any issues with disputes on rates are charged back to the affiliate

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