Can I change the "From" address on the confirmation and cancellation emails to my own?

Choose this option ONLY  if you are capable of  supporting any and all customer replies to the address on your confirmation/cancellation  emails. By replacing the default address for customer service to your own, you are completely  responsible for forwarding any customer service emails to your own address to  us.  We can still handle customer service for you but we must receive all communications either from you or the customer in order to do so.

If you maintain your own customer service department, your agents can work with ours.  However, timely handling of all customer  inquiries is critical when cancellation policy windows are in effect.  By contract you are responsible and will incur commission chargebacks on any hotel charges that cannot be refunded on customer disputes when service is not  handled in a timely manner.

If you understand the above and still wish to change the  address on automated system emails, submit a case to request this functionality and include  the replacement email address in order that your request can be reviewed for permission.


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