Can I send my own Confirmation emails, but let EAN send cancellation emails?

To suppress the EAN confirmation email only, use the sendReservationEmail element. This will not affect the sending of EAN cancellation email messages. If a user cancels, an email will still be sent from EAN confirming the cancellation. Sending your own confirmation emails results in additional liability to your account. You must be able to reliably forward the emails you receive from customers to

  • Your emails should include all the same important information as seen in EAN standard confirmation emails as well as stating the proper customer service contact telephone number.
  • If you do not have your own 24/7 customer service handling, direct all customer service to

If you wish to also suppress the EAN standard cancellation email messages in lieu of your own cancellation message, please submit a case so that our integration managers can work with you to update our configuration and help you meet the special requirements for the request.

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