What is the difference between an API key (apiKey) and a CID?

Your CID is used by the EAN accounting teams to identify sales and pay you commissions. It is also used with our Chameleon template in order to identify your account and apply personalization attributes like colors and logs.

Your apiKey is used to authenticate your requests to the EAN API. It is used to tell us if you are approved for production and if you are a known developer.

After you have developed a program using our API and gained production approval to "launch" from EAN, we will place your apiKey in live mode and associate it to your CID. This allows you to actively sell EAN rooms and earn commission.

To create a new apiKey if you already have a CID, please see this page: http://developer.ean.com/docs/getting-started/

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    i need a CID and despite you say you take the best UX and UI for your sites , this is a nightmare ! use some NO IT people instead damn ... . !!! thanks god tihs tell us there is a lot of space in this market if you are the best ... . karl ziegler

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    Sauptik Basak

    How to get a CID?
    I am not able to find how to get a CID. Would you please guide me through ?

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    Carl Dubois

    Any luck on how to get a CID?

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    Cosmin Jibu

    Hi Carl,

    At the moment the EAN self signup is closed. However, you may want to fill in the Contact Us form as stated in this forum article: https://support.ean.com/hc/en-us/articles/207571215-Joining-the-Affiliate-Program