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We provide access to comprehensive reporting tools where you can monitor transactions and expected commissions online. Simply log in to the Affiliate Center and click on the ‘Stats’ tab to get started:

  • Account Summary – gives you an overview of transactions and expected commission in the current payment cycle.
  • Stats Generator – Provides customizable reporting that shows all the details of bookings and commission for up to a 45-day period.

Note that to see the ‘Paid’ column, you must select the ‘Login as Parent’ checkbox when logging into Stats.   

Fast Facts:


  • Statistics are loaded at the end of the day so those bookings will be visible the next day
  • Monthly commission reports are run on the 7th of every month
  • Commissions are calculated on the hotel base-rate, exclusive of taxes and fees

Commissions are based on the checkout date of the visitor.

Account Summary Report

For a brief overview of your account’s performance and to monitor your commission for the current month, you can consult the Account Summary report. To do this, you will need to log in to the Affiliate Center and navigate to the Stats tab, and select Account Summary > Affiliate Center Home > Stats > Account Summary



Definition of Terms:


  • Last Check Mailed — shows the history of payments spanning the previous 24 months
  • Amount Accrued Towards Next Check — the total amount of commissions paid during the current month only
  • Bookings Since:
  • Expected Commissions — the amount to be expected as commission once the booking is consumed*
  • Confirmed Reservations — the amount in reservations waiting to be consumed
  • Canceled Reservations — a customer may have canceled after making a reservation. There is no commission for these cancellations.
  • In Queue for Help — in case we need to contact the hotel to arrange the booking for the client, a reservation will appear here.

*Please note this figure only includes commissions earned in the current month.

Sample of Last Check Mailed:

If you click on Last Check Mailed, you'll see a history of previous check payments. By clicking on each check date you can view a complete list of bookings for that payment. Please note that check history is only available for the last 24 months.


Stats Generator

To generate statistics for a time period you can select the parameters of your choice and the type of booking against which the parameters should be run. There are two options:

By Type of Booking:

  • Consumed Bookings. A consumer is considered as having consumed the booking when he/she has checked out of the hotel and therefore completed their stay.
  • Booking Day. This is the date when the customer books the hotel, either online or by phone.

By Check Search — this will provide the details for what commissions have been paid for the specific month selected in the Stats generator.

Next you’ll want to choose what data is included in the report. You can do this by either selecting specific fields or clicking the ‘Check All’ button.  The report will run when you click the ’Submit’ button.



Sample Statistics

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