What is EAN Service Desk

The EAN Service Desk is the new self-service support portal where EAN partners can get the technical and account-related support they need, quickly and easily. We recognized that the old email-trail approach just couldn’t keep up with our growth, so we’ve built a fully supported Service Desk to meet the increasing needs of our partners.

Our goal is to provide a richer, faster support experience for our partners. We plan to do this with an extensive knowledge base that will grow as new queries come in, and also by providing enhanced one-to-one support to our partners. Not only do we have a dedicated team, called Partner:Connect, to manage the Service Desk, but we’ve quadrupled the size of the team in the last 6 months to rise to the challenge.

Who is Partner:Connect?

Partner:Connect  is a new, dedicated support team within the EAN technology team with the sole focus of putting EAN partners first. They’ve increased and re-engineered the EAN support team and put in a completely new infrastructure to make sure you get the support you deserve.  

We’ve always prided ourselves on offering the best total proposition to our partners.  Now we’ve got the world-class support center to match.

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