Occasionally a guest may need to be relocated from their original hotel due to unplanned maintenance, closure or a process failure at a hotel. A significant amount of relocations are urgent and occur within 72 hours of guest arrival (on the day or at the hotel desk).

The Process

The relocation process has been built in order to resolve relocations as quickly as possible and is regularly reviewed.


As soon as EAN is notified that a relocation is required, we will contact you (first via phone, followed by email). Should you become aware of a potential relocation before EAN has notifed you please contact the GCO A2A team.

What we need from you

We believe that the customer comes first and want to make sure we find them the right room. As hotel inventory can quickly become non-available, we prefer to stay on hold whilst you get in touch with the guest. Once you’ve reached them and have a good understanding of their needs place them on hold and relay this information to us. You can also call us back if need be.

What we do next

Our team will quickly shop for a new room based on the guest’s requirements, present options and work with you to select the right one. You then need to obtain the guest’s acceptance of the new room otherwise you may be responsible for any additional costs & fees. Once you have their acceptance, we book the new room.

Other things to know

We need to be able to contact you so let us know who the best contact is for relocation notifications. If we can’t get in touch, we will relocate ‘at desk’ guests. EAN needs to be across all relocations and this process needs to be followed. If we aren’t involved we can’t cover you for any fees or penalties related to the booking. Support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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