Displaying time zone from cancellation policy

For the better user experience, you may want to display the cancellation policies with users' time zone on your sites or applications. The parameter timeZoneDescription returned in cancelpolicyinfoList array (visit http://developer.ean.com/general-info/cancelpolicyinfo-array for details) can help you to present the custom time zone at your end.

The value of timeZoneDescription always returned as "(GMT[+/-][00:00])":

  • Montreal, Canada (GMT-05:00)
    • Hotel ID: 260946; <timeZoneDescription>(GMT-05:00)</timeZoneDescription>
  • London, United Kingdom (GMT)
    • Hotel ID: 106275; <timeZoneDescription>(GMT)</timeZoneDescription>
  • New Delhi, India (GMT+05:30)
    • Hotel ID: 383288; <timeZoneDescription>(GMT+05:30)</timeZoneDescription>
  • Brisbane, Australia (GMT-08:00)
    • Hotel ID:  205702; <timeZoneDescription>(GMT-08:00)</timeZoneDescription>


The EAN API is not able to deliver different time zones based upon your requests. But your code can easily recognize the GMT timezone information in this parameter and convert it to your target time zone.



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