Relocations by email (PILOT!)

The Reservation Services team is currently piloting a new approach to the relocations process.

Some  of the notifications sent to the partners by email when a Reservation Services agent opens a new case, are now including options for the partners to consider.

When the partners agree with one of the options provided in the notification or they just require a cancellation and full refund for the booking, they can just reply back with the required instructions.

If the partners do not agree with the options, they will need to call Reservations Services to explore alternatives.

Why can I not email back with an alternative to the ones originally offered?

The goal of Reservation Services is to resolve the relocations cases as soon as possible. In order to do this, the number of communications between the partner and Reservation Services needs to be the minimum possible. If the partner calls because they do not like the options on email, the situation might be resolved on the call. If the partner emails with options, it might take 2-3 more emails (which could become the same number of days) to resolve the issue.

Are the options sent by email held by Expedia until the Partner agrees?

No. The options provided are in our dynamic inventory. Partners can use their existing software to check if the alternative offered is still available when they talk to the customer.

What happens if the partner does not see the email?

Partners should constantly monitor the email inbox where they receive all the relocations communications. Reservation Services will continue with their philosophy of trying to contact partners several times using different methods through time, but partners should help Expedia relocate customers with the utmost urgency.

Does the email process apply to all relocations scenarios, including at desk?

No. Email relocations are now in pilot mode, so not all the communications include options.

Also, there are some cases where email relocations are not applicable:

  • For cases that are urgent (24 hours or less), Reservation Services will ask the partners to call straight away.
  • For the cases where the partner finds out about the relocation need before Reservation Services does, the partner should still call the A2A call centre for help, instead of trying to email Reservation Services.
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