When To Create a Parent CID vs. a Child CID

After the initial Parent CID go-live, additional parent CIDs are needed only when partners require multiple payments, are adding base rates or H4P, or different commission structures are required, below are some examples. If there is no change in commissionable product or need for different payments, a child CID should be created instead.

Additional Parent CIDs Required:

  • If a partner would like to be paid separate payments or currencies for different lines of business, these payments are tied to a Parent CID, so a Parent CID would be created.
  • If a partner moves to base rates, a new Parent CID would be created for all base rates transactions.
    • Subsequent child CIDs that get created under a parent base rates CID should also be base rate CIDs.
  • If we've decided to pay different commercials to a partner depending on product or line of business, a Parent CID is required for each different commission structure.
  • The Hotels.com for Partners template requires a new PID.


Child CIDs Sufficient Instead:

  • A partner requires a different rate type with the same commercials. 
    • Package can be the child of a hotel only CID and vice versa.
    • If a new CID is required for HC, it could be a child CID of a standalone, package or EAC parent CID.
  • A partner launches new points of sale or websites and is okay to receive one payment for these new sites, child CIDs should be created for tracking these new points of sale.
  • A partner has numerous agent retail stores but is okay to receive one payment from EAN for all transactions, child CIDs would be created for each retail store for Sales tracking purposes  
  • If a partner moves to EAC after initial go-live the new CID for EAC would not have to be a parent CID. 
    Note:  In the future, when we open up the “Net of Commission” option for EAC partners, the set up for Net of Commission WILL REQUIRE a new parent CID.

 Important Notes: 

  • A child CID does not inherit settings from its parent. Please ensure that you set up child CIDs for rate type, EAC, etc.
  • Affiliate Voyager Sales follow the same guidelines as the API in creation of a new parent/child CID.
  • If a partner would like to have package and standalone on the same CID or ETP (and do not require EAN to provide tracking on sales by rate type), speak to your Launch Manager on how this can be achieved.
  • Members-Only Deals do not always require a new CID. When it does, use the API guidelines above.
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