EAN's new geography roll out

EAN rolled out new and improved geography definitions in May 2017.


New Geography Definitions

The new dataset will extend the existing 195,000+ geography definitions to over 350,000+ definitions, including points of interest, train & metro stations, better airport resolution and more detailed geography in key areas.

The new dataset will represent a more realistic representation of how the world works. Definitions are more granular and include many thousands of manually drawn polygons & will ensure a stronger alignment with the other Expedia brands.

The update will impact all of the geography download files:

  1. ParentRegionList.zip
  2. RegionList_xx_XX.zip 
  3. CountryList.zip
  4. CountryList_xx_XX.zip 
  5. CityCoordinatesList.zip
  6. NeighborhoodCoordinatesList.zip
  7. PointsOfInterestCoordinatesList.zip
  8. AirportCoordinatesList.zip
  9. RegionCenterCoordinatesList.zip
  10. RegionEANHotelIDMapping.zip

The file name and file format of files will remain the same, however the contents of each file will reflect the updated geography definitions.

You will be required to change the path to the files to ensure your systems pick up & leverage the new geo definitions. See further details at the bottom of this page.


Summary of important changes:

  • High Level Region is a new region type (represents tourist regions that were previously multi-city and city regions)
  • Region ID fields now are listed as “64-bit integer” (previously “long long as a 64-bit integer”)
  • Some geos may no longer follow a set hierarchy definition
  • Polygon coordinate fields now are listed as “varchar(max)” (previously “TEXT”) 
  • Airport Shadows are no longer supported
  • Point of Interest Shadows are no longer supported


File-specific differences between current files and new files

  • ParentRegionList: Removed Point of Interest Shadow. Added Train Station, Metro Station, High Level Region.
  • RegionList Multi-Language: Removed Point of Interest Shadow. Added Train Station, Metro Station, High Level Region.
  • RegionEANHotelIDMapping: Removed Point of Interest Shadow. Added Province/State, High Level Region and select Countries.
  • PointsofInterestCoordinatesList: Swapped Point of Interest Shadow for Point of Interest.
  • AirportCoordinatesList: Swapped Airport Shadow for Airport.
  • RegionCenterCoordinatesList: Added High Level Region.


Rollout plan

A sample set of new geography files is available in the /new/ subdirectory for you to test your integration:

We recommend you download files & analyse the new dataset in preparation for this change. Once you're ready to make the change, you will be required to change the path to the images to include /new/ to ensure your systems point to the new location.

The files in their current location now contain static data in anticipation of the updated geography definitions.

Below are the direct links to the new files. For multi-language files, you must substitute  "xx_XX" with the appropriate locale code.




CountryList Multi-Language






RegionList Multi-Language


Please note that the files are only updated in the NEW directory. The files in the default directory will remain public but they will not be updated in the future. 

Partners are advised to upgrade as soon as possible.

Deprecation Notice

With the new geography files, we have deprecated the content of the RegionID column in the ActivePropertyList file. This data has not been updated for a long time and is not a reliable source to place hotels.

The updated RegionEANHotelIDMapping file provides the most accurate and up-to-date region information for each hotel. We strongly recommend you use this file for all mapping & matching purposes.

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